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Welcome to WholesaleCelebrity

WholesaleCelebrity is an online store that aims to provide branded products. We focus on high quality fabric, unique detailing and world’s leading brand products. We provides a wide range of western style leather jackets, movie style leather jackets, punching bags and grappling dummies for our valuabled customers. Enjoying significant and growing presence around the world.

MMA Grappling Dummy

Having the right dummy can be one of the most crucial things you make sure of to improve your submission skills when away from the gym. Finding the best grappling dummy is not that simple that is why we have put together all this resource with all details to help you find the dummy that will fit your needs. This will be your ultimate training partner and perfect your take downs, strikes, submissions and throws.

MMA Punching Bags

Tap away at the MMA Punching Bag for a low impact workout that is essential to improve your boxing skills. From side punches to elbow strikes, these punching bags challenge you no matter what your level is. MMA Punching bag lets you advance your technique with an extra layer of leather at the base and helps increase weight distribution so you can get a quicker rebound. Punching bag used to develop hand speed, timing, hand-eye coordination and power.

Western Style Leather Jackets

These western style leather jackets are crafted of ultra-soft leather and comes with amazing details like fringed, bones and beads. These western style jackets provides the style that you are looking for. These comes with quality leather, fringed, beaded, full sleeves, button and zip closure.

Movie Style Leather Jackets

Movie style leather jackets are designed with the highest quality leather and in different styles. We guarantee the highest standard workmanship and we only make 100% leather jackets that will last a very long time. When it comes to meeting the wishes and pleasing the customers in giving them the most recent and most smart outfits to wear then our online store definitely you can depend on.

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