100% Original authentic Italian Celebrita brand In stock item reaches you in 5-6 days worldwide express, otherwise 7-8 days Any problem with size? No worries. YOu can return to our warehouse in Italy, US, UK or
Malaysia & Philipines. We will not ask you to return overseas to China or Pakistan
We offer 30 days money back guarrantee Guaranteed NO match to our quality and pricing worldwide

Want a custom made costume? Show us your design and we make it.

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Wholesale Celebrity

Wholesale celebrity is providing the services of selling the costumes of all famous celebrities at their place and also provides complete set of products which are wears by all famous celebrities in their whole career. We have the rights of selling these products and you can easily get your required product without facing any difficulties and complications regarding buying. All such products which we have should be delivered you on time if cannot any natural disturbance. We are committed to provide services at our excellence because we want to become the famous seller of celebrity clothing in the world not a fake one. There are varieties of products which gives you an option to buy your loveliest product at your required destination. When you visit on our website you can get the place of famous and quality products which you can buy at your destination.

We provide services in almost all the continent of the world and deliver goods in all countries. We believe in the developmental success of business so we can provide such type of services which one side develop our business and on other develop our unique relationship with our customers. If you want to buy any of our products you can just mail us on our email address sales@wholesalecelebrity.com, we can deliver your product at your required destination within maximum 7 to 10 working days and it may take 14 days in extreme cases such as customs issues. If you find any damage or problem in our delivered product you can return it within one week after getting the product, we exchange our product with new one if the damaged is covers our rules and regulations. For reading our rules and regulations or privacy policy you can visit our privacy policy page, where you can get all rules and regulation related with our products and also the contact numbers where you can call on us.