An Overview of Wholesale Celebrity Grappling Dummies & Punching Bags

If you are not aware with the name then let us introduce ourselves. Wholesale celebrity is basically an online store and focus on providing the valuable branded products at one place. Wholesale celebrity strides to provide high class quality in fabric and other materials, each of our fabric is further embellished with unique detailing and all of our products are branded and belong to manufactures that care for its customers. Our list is not just moving around fabric, we provide a wide range of different western style leather jackets and punching bags. Our leather jackets variety also includes the addition of movie style jackets in it. Our online store also has ample variety of  different punching bags as well as different grappling dummies. What makes us different from other online punching bag retailers is that our products are made of reliable materials and can be used by professionals of the industry.

What is grappling dummy?

It is a well-known truth for the MMA enthusiasts that mixed martial art classes are one of the most important parts for preparing the next generation fighters in order to get success in the octagon. If any one considers that a practice of two to three hours per day with real opponent is enough to get in to this form, then this is not the reality.


Grappling dummy as its name suggests is a stuffed human shaped dummy, which gives fighter ample chance of practice and polish his skills on the dummy, so it can feel like real. Fighters love grappling dummies, no matter what style or genre they are in. With these dummies fighters get the chance to throw all thier punches and kicks and perfect them each time.

Grappling dummy is preferred mostly by those who are away from the gym. This is the preference of those who prefer mostly to get submissive, throwing and grappling skills from it. Due to wide spread fame especially form the Brazilian jiu jitzu as well as from the mixed martial arts, the market welcomes these grappling dummies at its most and these grappling dummies create an immense place in the market.

How to choose grappling dummies?

Many people are not aware about how to choose a grappling dummy and how this can create an impact on them and how it will improve their skills.  Having the right grappling dummy can proved to be one of the most important thing that will improve the submissive and fighting skills. Finding the best and suitable grappling dummy is an important task so it needs time as well as resources to find and research the details about each and every dummy that will accomplish your needs.  This can be your ultimate partner during training and it will perfect your take downs, strikes and throws as well. Chooshing the best grappling dummy actually depends on  the fighter’s fighting style, and what weak points he have. Discussing with your trainer seems to be the best bet as he would understand your situation.

What are punching bags?


Are you trying to improve your boxing skills and want a low impact workout for it. Try our MMA punching bags, which are made for the best by the best. Starting from side punches and moving to the elbow strikes, these punching bags are the ones that will challenge the  fighters at any cost, apart from all that fact that at which level you are mastering at.  MMA punching bags are the ones that will allow the user to enhance the techniques by providing an extra layer of leather at the bottom of the punching bag. This in return further helps in increasing the distribution of weight so that the user can get a quick rebound.  Punching bags are useful in developing timing, coordination of hand and eye, enhancing power and to increase hand speed.

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