How to Fill Grappling Dummies?

Choosing the right grappling dummy is one of the most crucial decisions an MMA fighter has to make to practice his throws, submissions and other martial arts techniques. These are fantastic training tools which do not require you having a live trainer at your side and providing you a live training experience. You can practice, all you want; you can throw punches all you want for as long as you want; but hey! You’d be needing to make sure your grappling dummy is durable and resistant enough to withstand the wearing and tearing and that my friend, also depends upon the fillings that you are using to fill that boxing dummy of yours.

Ways to Fill a Grappling Dummy

Dummies are shipped empty and if you are one of those persons who doesn’t know a thing about filling a grappling dummy, this blog is for you. There are many ways to fill a dummy and there are all sorts of stuff you can use.

mma judo grappling dummy

Using Shredded Blankets and Towels

Once you receive your dummy, it might be a good decision to take a trip downtown to a thrift store. Buy a bunch of blankets and towels. If you want to make the dummy heavier, you might need to buy more of those towels!

Shred these blankets and towels into pieces and you are all set to stuff your dummy with the material you just prepared.

Using Shredded Paper

Using shredded papers is one of my favorites. Because it’s light weight, at the same time pack the dummy to its fill and its Free! It’s easy to find from companies who shred their documents and instead of them throwing it all away, you can use it to pack the dummy. You can pack the dummy as much as you desire and your dummy will be all set for practicing sessions.

Using Mix Materials

You can use all of the above methods; mix shredded rugs, papers and sand (a little bit of everything) to stuff the grappling dummy. Once the filling is done, add or subtract to obtain the optimal weight you desire.

I hope this blog have been helpful. Try using any of the above methods and get started with your training of grappling moves and submissions. Get the most out of your grappling dummy today!

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