The Benefits of Martial Arts

For most people, martial arts are one of the earliest sports activities that they engage in during their school years. Martial arts are not just good for health and fitness, but it inculcates a profound sense of discipline, empowerment, ethics and self-confidence. As you work hard and make your way towards getting your black belt, you encounter all sorts of personal and social hardships as you begin to leave your comfort zones. Martial art is an art that takes you on a spiritual journey, and equips you with all the right tools to scare away all your internal and external demons.

Contrary to popular belief, martial arts is not all about violence and fighting. On the contrary, like all forms of art, martial arts takes you on a spiritual journey where you get a chance to discover your inner self and connect with your subconscious. In this article, we will discuss all the ways in which martial art replenishes, rejuvenates and invigorates your mind, body and soul.

  • A rigours and thorough workout for the body:


Martial art not only involves heightened use of reflexes, but also, an extensive aerobic exercise that requires you to use each and every muscle in your body. This rigorous workout strengthens your body, improves your muscle tone, enhances your stamina, and improves your flexibility and balance.

  • Kill that stress and bring out all the aggression:

Kill that stress and bring out all the aggression with martial arts

When you spend an hour or more kicking around, punching and screaming as you pound on the opponent, you release an unbelievable amount of negative energy, stress and aggression. If all these intangible yet toxic elements stay locked within your mind, not only will they tarnish your mood and soul, but also, give you an unhappy and irritable disposition. One mildly extensive workout of martial arts, and you can feel all the stress, aggression and anxiety melting away.

  • Learning self-defence is empowering:

Learning self-defence is empowering

By learning how to defend and protect yourself from potentially dangerous situations or individuals, you empower yourself and this gives you the courage to step out confidently even in the most difficult of situations. Not only do you learn how to nicely beat up that guy who may try to steal your purse as you get off the subway, but also, it will make you tough and strong.

  • You stay healthy and fit:

stay healthy and fit

Since your body engages in a heavily exertive workout, you burn countless calories in each martial arts session. Moreover, as you progress as a martial art student, you will feel that your food cravings have subsided naturally, you prefer taking your meals regularly and on time. Not only will you begin to take a balanced diet, but also, you will want to lower your portions of food for each meal in order to feel light.

  • Martial arts improve cardiovascular strength:

Martial arts improve cardiovascular strength

Majority of heart specialists advise cardiovascular patients to indulge in activities that are extensive, and stress the heart. What better activity than martial arts?

  • A confidence boost:

confidence boost

Martial arts encourage positivity and respect, and one of the greatest influence of this sublime art is the self-confidence and self-assuredness it inculcates in its students. It eliminates your restlessness, irritability, fear and anxieties of leaving your comfort zones, and equips you with the necessary reflexes to take care of yourself when in danger. In short, martial arts stretches your comfort zones, and gives you confidence to believe that you can accomplish anything you set your eyes on, provided you have the potential and the willingness to give it your all.

  • Lose weight quick and feel light:

Lose weight quick and feel light

Martial arts can help you shed all those extra pounds quick and easy. Since even the mildly rigorous workout of martial arts can help you burn 500 calories, you can be sure to shed at least 5 kg after your first 2 weeks in the course.

  • Enhanced and vigilant reflexes:

Enhanced and vigilant reflexes

Fast and vigilant reflexes are needed for everything, from protecting ourselves in eminent danger to doing the most common routine chores such as driving or feeding the cat. Martial arts helps you enhance and improve your reflexes by teaching you how to make quick and smart moves to counter your opponent before you get attacked. Once you perform these reflexes during the martial art activity, your mind will record these reflexes and you will experience a strong command over your reflexes for the rest of your life.

  • Improves your focus:

Improves your focus

By teaching you how to be still, silent and motionless, martial arts improves your focus and your ability to concentrate. The real challenge is not being tough, strong or a good at punching, but rather, combatting the challenges of being still, staying focused and concentrating without getting diverted.

  • Martial arts inculcate ethics, morals and values:

Martial arts inculcate ethics, morals and values

From the ancient art of Kung Fu that preaches insight, calmness and patience to the Shaolin that has a moral code of 12 ethics, 10 obligations and 10 forbidden acts, martial arts influence their students with deep-reaching and profoundly insightful values and ethics. These values influence the students to contemplate and be patient, rather than be impulsive and exhibit aggression. So basically, martial arts do not simply enhance and strengthen your body for combat, but your soul and morals as well.

  • A balanced and improved muscle tone:


Martial arts work wonders at balancing and improve the muscle mass in your body. When your muscle mass increases, your body increases it metabolic activity, and thus, your burn a higher number of calories and loose more weight. Also, a greater muscle mass also increases the agility of your body.

  • Lighter and happier mood:

Lighter and happier mood

Indeed, exercise always has a wonderful effect on one’s mood and disposition. And martial arts does not only help eliminate and relieve stress, aggression, frustration and anxiety, but also, it helps you burn countless calories, which releases endorphins and makes you happy.

  • Develops a sense of discipline:


The ancient tradition of martial arts requires a great deal of self-disciplining and prioritising. Since you just can’t take up this ancient art without being disciplined or being willing to mend your lazy ways, martial arts is highly likely to turn you into a well-disciplined individual.

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