Top 5 Stylish Leather Jackets with CE Approved Armor

Winter is just around the corner, and the closets are prepared for a seasonal revamp. The winter months call for protective inner and outer wear to shelter you from the unforgiving icy winds and pervasive chill.

With 2016 having been the definitive year of superhero franchises taking over both the big and small screens, let this winter season’s wardrobe be a tribute, a homage, to the high-octane action seen on screens globally. Nothing awakens your inner superhero like a trendy, sturdy leather jacket – that happens to be equal parts stylish and utilitarian.

Make sure your winter style is on-point this year, with modish leather jackets carrying CE approved armor protection! Friends, family, even regular passersby will not stop themselves from admiring anyone donning these happening and mod odes to popculture and all things superhero.

  1. Jacket and Pantsuit with CE armor

Captain Jacket & Pant Suit with American CE Armor

The first article on this list features a distinctive blue jacket and pantsuit ensemble that we all recognize as being a favorite of a particularly muscly superhero. You can now own this particular number, and revel in its high-quality cowhide leather. Aluminum accents and a bold Silver Star emblazoned across the front complete the iconic look. The combo features supple polyester lining, a snap tab collar, and a nifty – and dramatic – front zipper closure.

  1. Captain White Star Style Jacket with CE armor

Captain White Star Style Jacket with American CE Protection

If you’re looking for something even more distinctive and iconic than the first option, then this trendy leather jacket is the right fit for you. Equally casual and a guaranteed head-turner, own this symbolic jacket made of high-quality cowhide leather, and completed with a viscose lining. The colors are a fitting tribute to a decades-old design, and are sure to meet your appropriate style needs.

This modish number features two inside pockets – great for your on-the-go storage needs – alongside a front zipper closure, and classy buttoned tab cuffs.

  1. Captain Black-Lined Star American Leather Jacket with  CE protection

Captain Black Line Star American Leather Jacket - CE Armor Protection

The particular number will ring true for all the avid fans of the movie franchise; the design has been updated from the more iconic layout to a more recent one as seen on screen. The pure leather can be located a mile way, due to its high quality and standard. Own this piece and make sure your superhero statement stands out from all the rest.

  1. Black Leather Jacket with CE protection

Wolver Style Leather Jacket - CE Armour Protection

Looking for an edgier, darker look to personify your own deviation from norms and fads? Then this jacket is exactly what you are looking for! This classy, dark number is a new twist on an old, iconic favorite. It is sure to spark questions and conversations, and exemplify your own unique spin on a popcultural phenomenon.

Similarly constructed of the purest cowhide leather, this stylish jacket is lined with wool – so that you stay warm inside as you maintain a cool, trendy appearance.

  1. Captain Motorbike Leather Jacket with CE armor

Captain Motorbike Leather Jacket with American CE Armor Protection

The final piece on the list is the trendiest, edgiest item yet. Quite apart from having an eye-catching and symbolic design, this jacket boasts of the most genuine and pure cowhide leather, its supple high quality noticeable even from a distance. The polyester lining makes for a comfortable and warm article of clothing, with a breathable mesh detail at the abdomen and padded details on both the front and the back.

So whether you wish to cosplay, stay warm, or just make a statement – these jackets are the right fit for you, with the quality you deserve.

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